Resilient Reiner

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Nicole Burnett

27 June 2024

1h 20m 38s

#112 A Reining Masterclass: Tips for Every Rider with Jim Greendyk



Have you ever considered that the pros are just like us? Do you think they handle their horses differently than the everyday rider? Do you wonder if pros ever have to build confidence, overcome anxiety, or take lessons of their own? Do they have mentors, and how do they handle pressure? Sometimes trainers seem like school teachers, where the stereotype is that teachers sleep under their desks at school, and trainers sleep in the tack room and have no family life… right?

In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with Jim Greendyk, one of Western Canada’s most successful reining horse trainers and riders. Known for his exceptional timing and balance, Jim shares his journey from the Porcupine Hills of Southern Alberta to becoming a respected figure in the reining industry across Canada and the USA. He provides deep insights into his training philosophy, the importance of confidence in both horse and rider, and the value of learning from others in the industry.

Episode Highlights:

**Bridging Worlds:** Emphasizing the benefits of cross-pollination among various disciplines.

**Building Confidence:** Jim explains why confidence is more important than competence for both horses and riders, and how starting with basics can lead to greater achievements.

**Training Philosophy:** Jim shares his belief that reining is essentially a steering competition and how mastering the basics can significantly improve any horse's performance.

**Overcoming Anxiety + Handling Pressure:** Insights into managing show pen anxiety by preparing intensely at home, so competitions feel like a vacation. Discussing how to manage the pressure of horse shows and the importance of not overworking horses, ensuring they remain happy and willing partners.

**Learning from the Best:** Jim talks about his experiences learning from top trainers and the value of surrounding yourself with the best in the industry.

**Balanced Work Life + Adapting to Change:** Strategies for maintaining a balanced life, including early starts and family involvement in the business. Reflections on his move from Canada to Scottsdale, Arizona, and how the change in environment and culture has positively impacted his work-life balance and training approach.

**Mentorship and Influence:** Credits his success to various mentors and influential figures who have guided him, emphasizing the importance of soft skills and emotional control in training.

**Practical Techniques:** Listeners will learn about specific training exercises, like the five-cone pattern, that help improve steering and overall horse control.

**Connect with Jim Greendyk:**

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