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Nicole Burnett

09 May 2024

15m 6s

#99 When My Horse Doesn’t Read The Manual



Mental performance in action.

So what’s it like to apply all this mental performance stuff in an everyday ride? What’s it like to apply resilience, confidence, focus, & emotional regulation when your horse is doing their own thing? Which isn’t what you had in mind… I share a story from my own recent experience about what it’s like to put all this to use and how that can be oh so challenging with negative voices and ego whispering in your ear. And also oh so rewarding.

This episode delves into the nitty-gritty of managing frustration and using setbacks as learning opportunities. I'll share how stepping back, reassessing, and leveraging a calm mindset can turn riding challenges into insightful lessons in patience and adaptability.

It's about understanding that mastery involves managing both your horse and your own reactions, realizing that progress sometimes requires taking a step back to move forward effectively. 

Join me as we explore the real impact of mental performance techniques in the saddle. Let’s learn to ride the waves of uncertainty with grace and confidence.

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Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner


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