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Nicole Burnett

21 May 2024

10m 37s




Feeling down after a disappointing show? 

Today’s episode dives into the rollercoaster of emotions riders face and how to manage them effectively. Ready for practical strategies to help you shake off the bad mood and get back on track?!

Join me as we unpack simple yet powerful strategies to manage those post-show blues. From understanding what really triggered your mood to taking action and making necessary changes, this episode is all about practical steps to get you back in the saddle with confidence. Plus, we'll cover what NOT to do when things don’t go your way.

We’ll explore essential cowboy tactics to manage your mood and stay motivated throughout the season. 👉 If you’ve ever felt weighed down by a tough ride, this episode is for you. Let’s turn those setbacks into stepping stones and keep pushing forward together.

Tune in for an insightful and personal discussion on conquering the bad mood and riding with confidence. Your journey to a stronger mindset starts now. Don’t miss it!

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Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner


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