Resilient Reiner

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Nicole Burnett

26 June 2024

22m 25s

#111 Become A Stronger + More Resilient Rider: Steal My 6-Step Framework



Are you pushing yourself just enough to grow, or are you tipping into the territory of too much? 

Do you treat yourself with the same compassion you’d offer a friend or your horse?

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the psychology of hurt, healing, and resilience, exploring the fine line between productive struggle and overwhelming challenge. As riders, we’re often steeped in the ethos that pain is necessary for growth, but how much is too much? 

We tackle tough questions about recognizing when challenges in our riding journey become too overwhelming, handling trauma from bad experiences, and differentiating between helpful pressure and unnecessary stress.

I share insights on balancing your mental and emotional load, using the analogy of physical training to highlight how manageable challenges can build strength and resilience. We’ll also touch on the difference between sympathy and compassion, and how adopting a compassionate approach can fuel your personal growth and your connection with your horse.

If you’re ready to transform struggle into strength and cultivate a balanced, resilient mindset, this episode is for you. 

Join me for an empowering discussion that promises to enhance your mental skills, help you overcome limiting beliefs, and make your equestrian journey more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

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Ride with confidence,


Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner


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