Resilient Reiner

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Nicole Burnett

30 April 2024

6m 21s

#96 5 Reasons You Hate Yourself and Will Continue To Suck at Riding



Feeling stuck in the saddle? 


If you've ever found yourself replaying a ride gone wrong and wondering why you can't shake off the negativity, this episode is tailored for you. We dive into the mental traps that all riders face—those subtle forces that can undermine both your performance and your joy in the arena.


What if the secret to breaking free from these traps was not about pushing harder, but about shifting your approach? We'll explore the common but misleading beliefs that may be gripping your reins too tightly and share insights on how powerful a change in mindset can be.


This episode isn't just about improving your riding; it's about developing a mental space that allows both you and your horse to thrive. We’re going beyond the basics of horse riding and venturing into the realm of mental mastery, where controlling your thoughts becomes as natural as controlling your horse.


So, saddle up and tune in as we navigate the mental landscape of riding with confidence and ease. Whether you're training for a competition or simply aiming to enjoy your rides more, the insights from today's episode will equip you to shed those mental burdens and excel in the saddle.


Your journey to becoming a more resilient and empowered rider starts right here, right now.


Oh! And, get a little sneak peak of Resilient Reiner Academy: Your Step by Step Guide to Unshakable Confidence As a Rider! It’s here!! It’s finally live!!


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