Resilient Reiner

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Nicole Burnett

14 May 2024

8m 50s

#100 Strategic Riding: Applying Ancient Battle Wisdom to Modern Equestrian Challenges



"Think like a general—ride like a champion."

Today we are bringing Sun Tzu’s legendary tactics from the battlefield to the riding arena! We'll explore how preparing like a general can transform your approach to competitions, turning every ride into a masterfully strategized campaign.

You’ll discover how ancient tactics can sharpen your competitive edge, help you connect more deeply with your horse, and enable you to adapt quickly to unexpected challenges during competition. It’s all about preparation, perception, and the art of leadership in riding.

This episode isn’t just for those looking to score better or turn tighter; it’s for anyone who wants to lead their horse with the precision and foresight of a seasoned strategist. From psychological warfare with competitors to the subtle art of energy and timing, we'll uncover how these age-old principles are more relevant to modern equestrian challenges than you might think.

So, whether you're preparing for your next big show or just looking to refine your daily training regimen, tune in to gain insights that will ensure you and your horse step into the arena as a formidable team, ready to claim your next victory.

Let’s saddle up and strategize our way to success!

Oh! And, get a little sneak peak of Resilient Reiner Academy: Your Step by Step Guide to Unshakable Confidence As a Rider! It’s here!! It’s finally live!!


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