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Nicole Burnett

23 May 2024

18m 47s

#103 What I do To Go From Chaos To Calm In The Warmup Pen



Feeling overwhelmed in the warm-up pen before your big competition?

In today's episode, we dive into the chaos of the warm up pen and how to transform that critical time into a smooth, productive experience.

Join me as I share what I’ve personally learned over the years to feel more in control, less stressed and have a more successful warm-up pen experience - no matter how crowded or chaotic it is. 

Discover how to approach your warm-up with confidence, stay focused despite distractions, and ensure both you and your horse are in the best frame of mind before stepping into the arena. If you’ve ever felt frazzled or out of sorts before a competition, this episode is for you.

Tune in to uncover the secrets to a smoother, more successful pre-show routine and turn those pre-show jitters into calm confidence. 

Are you ready??! Let’s dive in and make your next show your best one yet. 

Listen now to discover how!

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Ride with confidence,



Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner


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