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Nicole Burnett

02 May 2024

13m 17s

#97 3 Hard Lessons I've Had To Teach My Brain As A Rider



What do you mean a fancy horse & full training doesn’t solve all?!? 


*shocked pikachu face* 


I’m getting vulnerable in this podcast, you guys. I share 3 hard won lessons I had to teach my brain. 


In this episode, we’re stepping beyond the typical training advice to tackle the real game-changer in any rider’s journey: your mindset.


Join me as we debunk the myth that success in the arena comes solely from external factors like the perfect horse or the most expensive equipment. I’ll share why I believe that the true essence of competitive riding is not what’s under you, but what’s within you. 


We’ll delve into stories that might feel all too familiar—a costly mistake despite premium training, or the unexpected triumphs on an underestimated mount. These aren’t just anecdotes; they’re the proof that your mindset can make or break your success. This isn’t about pushing harder, but working smarter. 


How do you train your mind to be as agile and strong as your body in the saddle? 


How do you transform setbacks into setups for greater achievements?


We explore practical strategies to enhance your mental toughness, cultivate resilience, and infuse every ride with the passion that makes champions—on and off the arena.


So, if you’re ready to truly level up your riding by mastering the mental game, this episode is your starting gate. 


Ready to shatter the glass ceiling on your riding skills, no matter your horse’s pedigree or the price tag on your gear? 


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Ride with confidence,



Mental Coach & Founder, Resilient Reiner


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